Our Services

Charting the Future

FarBridge has broad expertise in designing, developing, and shipping critically acclaimed 3D games and applications. From socially important programs to historically accurate preservation. From comical party games to successful brand activations. We are ready to guide your company and bring your imagination to the world through real-time engaging interactive media, 3D graphics, virtual reality, and augmented reality. As we push the medium forward, we are looking for cutting edge partners & their brands to accompany us on the journey to chart the future.

Branded Content

FarBridge is your brand’s connection to virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Let us partner with you to show the way forward with experiences which connect your brand to audiences in the most immersive way possible. Provide your fans a unique look at the brand they love and drive new connections within your important campaigns. Using our proprietary technology, we can get your newest brand experience up and running more efficiently than other developers. 

Product & IP Development

We provide all services to develop IP concepts and physical prototyping. Our highly creative team can engineer unique experiences for your intellectual property which highlight interactions only cutting edge devices can deliver. We also have broad capabilities allowing us to design custom hardware integrations to enhance immersion and audience participation. Whether entertainment, educational, or health-related, FarBridge is ready to turn your original invention into a reality.

Cultural Heritage

Virtual reality is the perfect platform to preserve and share worlds of knowledge. If you work for a government agency or cultural organization, FarBridge is the #1 developer for living tours and cultural databases for your users to explore. Whether it’s seeing fascinating geological structures or learning about the grand history of your region, we can tailor our tech platform to attract new interest in learning about your inspiring stories. 

Technical Diligence

The team at FarBridge has shipped games and software for over 30 platforms, and we’re trusted experts in 3D and game engine technologies. We’ve helped titans of industry test their new products, assess the viability of production pipelines, and evaluate teams and technologies during M&A diligence. We’re trusted to look under the hood and help you figure out what’s really going on.

Live Events

Drive buzz among attendees at your most important events with a custom built interactive experience. Generate important leads to start new partnerships and collect useful data to build your business. Our portfolio of software has appeared at SXSW, The Smithsonian FolkLife Festival, “The Big Game,” Fantastic Arcade, Oracle OpenWorld, and Facebook’s debut of Oculus Go at F8. FarBridge can supply a comprehensive solution including development, hardware procurement, and staffing for your event. 

Public Speaking

Our FarBridge team is recognized as industry experts in the fields of game design, VR/AR development, event production, and emerging technologies. We’ve been speakers at trade and consumer events like Oculus Connect, SXSW, GDC & VRDC, Austin Games Conference, Austin Forum, Austin IT Symposium, and Unity Technology’s Unite conference. Additionally, if you are involved in an organization devoted to STEM, FarBridge would love to partner with you to help engage your audience and share our excitement about careers in interactive development. We create engaging and exciting presentations to show the power of using applied game technologies to change the employment and education spaces of the future.

What’s Next?

Let’s make the future awesome together! Contact us to get started!