What We Do

FarBridge makes VR/AR software for games and beyond. We believe that the virtual and augmented reality devices of today are just the beginning. The devices of tomorrow will let us see, hear, and experience our world in all new ways, and even transport us to amazing other worlds we haven’t yet discovered or dreamed up. FarBridge is powering these new experiences with an eye to the future.

What’s Next

We believe that VR/AR is not just for video games. Of course, gamers are the early adopters, and game developers like us are creating engaging and believable 3D virtual worlds. But the biggest wins are just as likely to be in education, medicine, telecommunications, and commerce. We’re excited to explore these new possibilities and hear from people how this new technology can help them in their lives and industries.

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MasterWorks: Journey Through History

Travel to three continents and visit some of the world's most amazing places that span over 3,000 years of human history. FarBridge worked with CyArk to create four fully explorable virtual reality environments where you can collect artifacts and learn from archaeologists and scientists about amazing places.

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Who We Are

Patrick Curry : CEO
FarBridge was founded in 2017 by Patrick Curry. Patrick is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for emerging technology, having previously started and sold web, mobile, videogame, and cloud computing companies. Patrick is bringing together these passions, technologies, and most importantly, awesome people at FarBridge. Patrick can be found on Medium, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Melissa Swanepoel : Producer
Melissa Swanepoel brings years of film, live broadcast television, and product development experience to FarBridge. Melissa produced 2016’s VR Austin Jam, bringing together VR platforms, developers, and enthusiasts to create and collaborate on all new VR experiences. She is passionate about storytelling, interactive media, and the people behind it all. Melissa can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Alex Seropian : Advisor
Alexander Seropian is an entrepreneur, video game developer and founder of Bungie, Wideload, Industrial Toys and Gunslinger Studios. Alex has held executive positions at Microsoft and Disney, is mentor and advisor to numerous startups and serves on the board of the Tumo Center in Armenia. He is currently focused on building mobile games for core gamers at Industrial Toys. Alex can be found on LinkedIn.

Charlie Wood : Advisor
Charlie Wood is the founder and former CEO of data protection specialist Spanning (acquired by EMC). A lifelong entrepreneur, Charlie has started several other companies and has mentored startups at TechStars and Capital Factory. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Charlie can be found on LinkedIn.

Corey Rosemond : Advisor
Corey manages global strategic partnerships for Plantronics Consumer Division as well as marketing for their Gaming and eSports division. Corey is a mentor and frequent startup advisor, having taught at The Guildhall at SMU and coached startups from formation through acquisition. He received his MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Corey can be found on LinkedIn.

Nathan Hanners : Advisor
Nathan Hanners is an award-winning designer of products, brands, and UX. Nathan has created digital produts for Unity Technologies, ShipStation, and Motorola. In his spare time he plays blues guitar and runs the Austin Record Convention, largest sale of recorded music in the USA. Nathan can be found on LinkedIn.

Tim Harris : Advisor
Tim Harris is an entrepreneur, game designer, marketing innovator, and comic retailer. Tim brings his over-the-top passion for all things games and comics to everything he does, starting his career at Leo Burnett working on the launch of the Nintendo 64, all the way to his most recent venture, Gunslinger Studios, where he is the founder and CEO. Tim can be found on LinkedIn.

Austin skyline image credit: Flick user StuSeeger

Where We Work

Sunny and weird Austin, TX is our home - and our home base.

Tacos and barbecue fuel our exploits and explorations in the many-faceted world of VR. As we bounce all around the globe for conferences and meetings, the heart of our operations can be found just outside downtown Austin, TX.

What We Stand For

At FarBridge, we are putting people first.

We believe our full potential can only be realised through the connections and relationships we share with other people. Often these connections are limited by distance. These distances are sometimes geographic, social, economic, or generational. We aspire to close these distances between people, especially between those who can and those who can’t yet, using new technologies to help change lives.

As exciting and impactful as the technology we work with is, at its core, it’s still just a tool. What matters more is the people that stand to gain from its development and growth.

If something can’t be done honestly, then it’s not worth doing.

We’re building this company honestly and transparently. We all make mistakes and missteps — we’re only human after all. When we stumble, we’ll do our best to admit it, learn from the missteps, and share what we learn with each other and our community. We’re starting by sharing these values, working with collaborators that share our priorities, and holding each other accountable along the way.

We know how crazy startups can get. There’s no time for slacking, and we use deadlines to get stuff done and make progress. But we’re not working ourselves to death. How sad it would be if we spent all of our time debugging VR/AR software, and didn’t take time to have fun with this new technology, play with each other, and make sure we go home with enough energy left to share real-life with our families and friends.

We’re starting by taking care of each other. We’ve seen far too many companies slip into perpetual overtime, leading to avoidable mistakes, burnout, and lost opportunities. We’re taking a stance against doing that to ourselves, with sane schedules, reasonable expectations, and open conversations about what really matters.

We’re doing this because we see room for improvement in the world.

Every major technological innovation ushers in new realities — it’s sometimes hard to remember the world before smart phones and tablet computers. We think VR/AR will usher in just as much change again. However, we’re not interested in change for change’s sake — “new” and “better” are not the same thing.

We’re looking for opportunities to use leading-edge technologies to promote creativity, curiosity, and the next wave of innovators. There’s no better time than now to create technology that empowers everyone, and isn’t just for the fortunate few. We’re thinking about the impact our products have on people, the environment, and our society, and trying to take this responsibility seriously.

As a community of VR/AR developers, enthusiasts, and futurists, we have the unique opportunity to draw the blueprint for the culture that we want to live and work in.

We believe in inclusivity, equality, and accessibility at all levels. This is the foundation of our culture, and we will defend this community from harassment, bullies, and misinformation at all levels. All voices and all views are welcome in this conversation.