Our Values

Even before forming the company, our team talked about what matters most to us, what we want to create, and how we want to go about doing that. Here’s what we value in ourselves, in each other, and in the future we want to make.


At FarBridge, we’re putting people first.

We believe our full potential can only be realised through the connections and relationships we share with each other. We aspire to close the distances between people -- geographic, social, economic, or generational -- using new technologies. As exciting and impactful as the technology we work with is, at its core, it’s still just a tool. What matters more is the people that stand to gain from its development and growth.


If something can’t be done honestly, then it’s not worth doing.

We’re building this company honestly and transparently. We all make mistakes and missteps — we’re only human after all. When we stumble, we’ll do our best to admit it, learn from the missteps, and share what we learn with each other and our community. We’re starting by sharing these values, working with collaborators that share our priorities, and holding each other accountable along the way.

Quality of Life

We’re not working ourselves to death.

We know how crazy startups can get. There’s no time for slacking, and we use deadlines to get stuff done and make progress. But how sad it would be if we spent all of our time making rad software, and didn’t take time to have fun with this new technology, play with each other, and make sure we go home with enough energy left to share real-life with our families and friends?

We’re working hard to help take care of each other. We’ve seen far too many companies slip into perpetual overtime, leading to avoidable mistakes, burnout, and lost opportunities. We’re taking a stance against doing that to ourselves, with manageable schedules, reasonable expectations, and open conversations about work-life balance.

Responsible Progress

We’re doing this because we see room for improvement in the world.

Every major technological innovation ushers in new realities — it’s sometimes hard to remember the world before smart phones, tablet computers, and VR/AR devices. However, we’re not interested in change for change’s sake — “new” and “better” are not the same thing.

We’re looking for opportunities to use leading-edge technologies to promote creativity, curiosity, and the next wave of innovators. There’s no better time than now to create technology that empowers everyone, and isn’t just for the fortunate few. We’re thinking about the impact our products have on people, the environment, and our society, and trying to take this responsibility seriously.

Celebrating Differences

We believe in inclusivity, equality, and accessibility at all levels.

As a community of developers, enthusiasts, and futurists, we have the unique opportunity to draw the blueprint for the culture that we want to live and work in.

We value the unique perspectives and priorities that our team brings to our community. Our team’s strength is derived from their diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We strive to make people overlooked or marginalized by the high tech industry feel welcome and at home in our community and workplace.

Our values are the foundation of our culture, and we defend our community from harassment, bullies, and malfeasance. Everyone is welcome to join in, and if you share these values, there’s a good change we’ll get along and make awesome stuff together. Give a shout!

Lots of companies have values statements. We really mean it.