Our Team

We’re incredibly proud of the team and community we’re building at FarBridge. Not everyone we work with opt’d to be listed on our website, but we appreciate them and their contributions just as much as the folks below.

Core Team

Patrick Curry — CEO

Patrick is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and game designer passionate about using technology for the greater good. He’s previously started and sold companies to the likes of Disney, Unity Technologies, and frog design. His credits include Stubbs the Zombie, John Woo’s Stranglehold, Disney’s Guilty Party, and Avengers Initiative. Patrick also serves as advisor to SXSW and has advised indie game developers like the creators of Octodad, Organ Trail, Intruder, and Job Simulator. Patrick can be found on Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn.


Melissa Swanepoel — COO

Melissa runs operations and marketing at FarBridge, bringing years of film production, live broadcast television, and product development experience to bear. Melissa also chairs the VR Austin Jam, an annual event that brings together developers, brands, and enthusiasts to create and collaborate on all new experiences. She is passionate about storytelling, interactive media, and the people behind it all. Melissa can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Taylor M Gates — Lead Developer

Taylor is a Lead Developer and Producer at FarBridge. Taylor has led the engineering and production of games and interactive applications supported on over a dozen platforms, including “MasterWorks: Journey Through History” and “My Virtual Armenia.” They are passionate about education technology, accessibility in software, and developing tools that empower other developers.


Audrey Halm — Producer

Audrey has been part of Austin’s virtual reality scene since the release of the DK1. Audrey produced the VR Austin Jam in 2017, and has been organizing and running FarBridge events and community meetups ever since. As a dancer and performer, Audrey is dedicated to helping bridge the gap between artistic, educational, and gaming experiences in all the flavors of reality.


Donald “TallGamer” Harris — Producer

A few things to know about Donald: He loves video games and interactive media. He enjoys working through the challenges of delivering experiences that take people from their everyday lives and put them into a world where anything is possible and they can forget themselves. Donald is really tall, and can be found on LinkedIn


Adam Leslie — Software Engineer

Adam Leslie is a software engineer and gameplay programmer, with a passion for the world between design and development. Adam interned at Unity Technologies before joining FarBridge in 2017. Adam received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, where he led the Electronic Game Developers Society to create an inclusive community for students of all skill sets.


Quoc Vong Tran — Software Engineer

Quoc enjoys building things, whether that involves building code, products, or teams. While there is something to enjoy on every project, Quoc’s favorite projects involve magic, where a user, customer, or team member accomplishes something they never thought possible. He also enjoys Nickelback unironically.


Blaine Brezina — Technical & VFX Artist

Bringing to the table a wide range of art production and software development skills, Blaine focuses on ensuring that the visuals of our projects live up to and exceed expectations both in appeal and performance. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, Bachelor of Science in Radio Television and Film, with certificates in software programming and videogame production from the University of Texas at Austin. An advocate for recruiting new game development talent, he is always looking for opportunities to help students join the industry. You can find him on LinkedIn.


Amelia Herman — Concept Artist

Amelia is a concept artist with several years of experience working for clients in the games industry and beyond. She loves helping to create environments that you can lose yourself in, and worlds and characters that you miss when you’re away. She watches more cartoons than might be socially acceptable.


Jeff Fillion — Game Designer

Jeff Fillion is a game designer and artist living in Austin, TX. Jeff specializes in the creation of physical and digital tabletop games, and is an encyclopedia of game history and trivia. When he isn’t playing or designing games, Jeff also indulges his love of horror and sci-fi film and literature.


Our Advisory Board

Along with the amazing developers on FarBridge’s team, we wouldn’t be here without the support of our mentors and advisors.

Alex Seropian

Alexander Seropian is an entrepreneur, video game developer and founder of Bungie, Wideload, and Industrial Toys. Alex has held executive positions at Microsoft, Disney, and Electronic Arts, is mentor and advisor to numerous startups, and serves on the board of the Tumo Center in Armenia. Alex can be found on LinkedIn.


Catherine Littell

Catherine Littell is an entrepreneur with a passion for working with companies that improve the way we engage with the world. She supports start-ups through funding, scaling, and monetization with a combination of strategic, financial, research, and operations support. Catherine held senior roles at Starwood Hotels and Redbox Automated Retail, and holds an MBA from the Booth School of Business at University of Chicago, a certificate in Health Administration and Policy from the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago, and a BS in Hospitality Administration from Cornell University. Catherine can be found on LinkedIn.


Charlie Wood

Charlie Wood is the founder and former CEO of data protection specialist Spanning (acquired by EMC). A lifelong entrepreneur, Charlie has started several other companies and has mentored startups at TechStars and Capital Factory. He holds degrees in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Texas at Austin. Charlie can be found on LinkedIn.


Corey Rosemond

Corey manages global strategic partnerships for Plantronics Consumer Division as well as marketing for their Gaming and eSports division. Corey is a mentor and frequent startup advisor, having taught at The Guildhall at SMU and coached startups from formation through acquisition. He received his MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Corey can be found on LinkedIn.


Nathan Hanners

Nathan Hanners is an award-winning designer of products, brands, and UX. Nathan has created digital products for Unity Technologies, ShipStation, and Motorola. In his spare time he plays blues guitar and runs the Austin Record Convention, the largest sale of recorded music in the USA. Nathan can be found on LinkedIn.


Tim Harris

Tim Harris is an entrepreneur, game designer, marketing innovator, and comic retailer. Tim brings his over-the-top passion for all things games and comics to everything he does, starting his career at Leo Burnett working on the launch of the Nintendo 64, all the way to his most recent venture, Gunslinger Studios, where he is the founder and CEO. Tim can be found on LinkedIn.


Want to work together?

The people we work with are the most important part of FarBridge. We’re always looking for folks who share our values, passions, and goals for making the world a better place with best-in-class technologies.

If what we’re about speaks to you, please give a shout.