Our Products

FarBridge creates memorable and award-winning software, apps, tools, games, and experiences.

FarBridge Worlds

FarBridge Worlds is our development platform for lightning-fast creation and deployment of interactive 3D experiences. It powers everything we create and lets us deliver the future faster than anyone else.

Our products have shipped on 15 different types of computing devices and platforms. FarBridge Worlds lets us easily port our apps and games between these platforms, and makes us an ideal partner for porting your software to new and awesome devices.

MasterWorks: Journey Through History

Platforms: Oculus Go, Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive/Pro, Vive Focus. (Coming soon to Steam, Oculus Quest and Vive Pro Eye)

MasterWorks is a virtual reality “field trip” experience featuring four historic real-world sites. Nominated for Best Educational Content at the 2018 VR Awards. MasterWorks is free to download on most VR devices.

The Smithsonian: My Virtual Armenia

Platforms: iOS, Android, with optional Google Cardboard support

Created for the Smithsonian Institute’s 2018 FolkLife Festival, My Virtual Armenia builds on the features of MasterWorks to give you a guided tour of two historic sites in Armenia. Shown at the event and released to the public on iTunes and Google Play. My Virtual Armenia is free to download for mobile devices.

FarCade: Social VR/AR

We believe that games are better with friends. We created FarCade to serve as a meeting-place, gameplay hub, and social experiment for our internal apps and original IP games. With the power of FarCade, we can bring amazing multiplayer games and VR experiences to your branded event or the gaming public at large. Learn more!